Speedboats Between the San Blas Islands:an island experience, not a sailing experience

Speedboats Between the San Blas Islands:an island experience, not a sailing experience

Why we use speedboats instead of sailboats on our trips through the San Blas Islands.

Here at San Blas Adventures, we want to offer guests a completely different way to explore and experience the gorgeous San Blas archipelago. This unique collection of islands is incredibly special, and we’ve dedicated our entire service to providing the most in-depth, authentic San Blas Islands experience. We have made a very deliberate decision to use speed boats instead of sailboats to hop from island to island on our range of San Blas Island trips and we’d like to use this blog post to explain why we do this and also to tell you a little more about ourselves.

More Time on the San Blas Islands

Before we set up San Blas Adventures, we watched and learned from the other companies working in the area and we noticed that sailboats were the standard mode of transport to move guests between the islands. While sailing is a wonderful mode of transport (and we offer a separate sailboat charter service in San Blas), it’s not the fastest way to get around. This means that many visitors to the islands were spending more time on the water than they were on the islands themselves. This felt very counterintuitive to us.

While you can sail on any sea or ocean in the World, there’s only one San Blas Archipelago, and we decided to prioritise time spent on the islands over time spent on the water. This way, our guests have more time to explore the islands, meet its inhabitants, chill on the beach, and just enjoy island life!

Perks of Using Speedboats Between the San Blas Islands

There are various perks to using speedboats instead of sailboats when island hopping through the San Blas Archipelago and we’d like to outline a few of these perks below:

Reduced travel time

Speedboats drastically cut down on travel time, with only about three hours spent on the move each day (including walking and traveling by car). While travelling offers a great opportunity to take in the sights, we think that stopping and enjoying the islands is even more enjoyable.

Reduced chance of seasickness

While some people don’t struggle with sea sickness at all, others have a huge problem with it. Even if seasickness only mildly affects you, spending hours and hours on a sailboat each day could make you pretty nauseated. This is another reason why our speedboats are so good: they ensure that we are on the water for the smallest time possible. Other than the time spent on the boat, the motion of the boat is another reason why guests don’t get seasick with us. As sailboats go slowly, and mostly under motor, they tend to roll around in all directions, which can even make people with good stomachs sick. A speed boat goes faster, skipping across the water, so it doesn’t roll the same way. This is why if you get sea sick with us it’s probably because you had too much rum the night before! But that’s ok; the boat ride is short, so it won’t be long before you’ve got your feet back on sandy ground.

More time to meet the locals

Here at San Blas Adventures, we have put a lot of time and care into ensuring that we practice responsible tourism — which you can read more about on our About Us Page. A big part of responsible tourism involves forming practical and mutually beneficial relationships with the local Kuna people. This means that San Blas Adventures has forged closer ties and connections with the San Blas locals than the other tour providers. Less time spent on the oceans gives you more time to meet the locals, browse their shops, and support their local economy.

More time exploring off the beaten track

Although the term ‘off the beaten track’ is a bit of a cliché in the tourism industry, it is popular because many of us see the inherent value in visiting the less-travelled areas, in seeking out authentic, original experiences. Less time on a boat gives us more time than other companies to show you parts of the islands no one else has time to visit. There are 365 different islands in the San Blas Archipelago, and there are countless hidden bays and secret spots to discover. We can take you to many of our favourite places and you can discover a few of your own…

We hope this blog post has helped clarify why we make use of speedboats instead of sailboats on our trips, and we hope reading this blog has encouraged a few readers to consider booking their own San Blas adventure in the future. If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch but you may also find the answer to your question in our San Blas FAQ section.

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