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About San Blas Adventures …

A once in a life time experience!

Get off the beaten track and Travel with a Responsible adventure tour company working with the Kuna families and communities on all aspects of the trip, most of  the money from your fare stays in San Blas, distributed among the local people and the different communities you will visit along the way.

This adventure is a 4 day island hopping in the San Blas islands with a speedboat from Panama to Colombia or speedboat from Colombia to Panama to get the most of the San Blas Islands.



More than just transport

Much more that just a way to bridge the Darien Gap we take our guests on an amazing adventure through some of the most beautiful and remote islands in the world with white sand beaches, tropical reefs and the chance to get to know an indigenous culture in a natural way that’s rare to find, for most this journey is one of the highlights of their trip.


Meet & Share with the indigenous Kuna

After many years operating in San Blas we have developed very close relationships with the local indigenous community, the Kuna. Being able to share this experience with you, and share you with them, is an integral part of our trip and what really sets us apart from other tours.


About San Blas adventures hut island sunset
About San Blas Adventures Culture Kids with group Village

Come with us & Support the local community

Watching where your money goes is very important!

For ethical travel San Blas Adventures don’t want tourists to stop having fun, we just want them to think about how they’re spending their time and money.

Be a conscious traveler, with an awareness of the place you’re going and whether the money you spend benefits the economy of the local hosts. We work very closely with the Kuna on all aspects of the trip and most of  the money from your fare stays in San Blas, distributed among the local people we work with and the different communities we visit along the way.



Unique Route

Besides taking you through the full archipelago of San Blas our trip also invites you to explore the hidden gems of Colombia’s Caribbean coast La Miel, Sapzurro and Capurgana. This whole coastline is an experience not to be missed.

San Blas Adventures yoga white sand ocean background

San blas adventures is a fast boat alternative to sailing from Panama to Colombia or Sailing from Colombia to Panama.