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San Blas Adventures is a distinguished tour booking agency dedicated to advancing sustainable tourism and offering unparalleled adventure tours along the captivating San Blas Archipelago of Panama. Through strategic collaboration with local agencies, we offer an unforgettable adventure to travellers seeking authentic experiences.
Our carefully crafted itineraries invite guests to explore the exquisite tropical islands, lounge on pristine white sand beaches, and immerse themselves in the shimmering embrace of turquoise waters.
Additionally, our unique emphasis on close collaboration with the Kuna People, the indigenous culture that has autonomous dominion of the San Blas Islands (Kuna Yala) adds a rich cultural dimension to our expeditions.


Adam Riley & Fabio Carino


Co-Owners and Co-Founders of San Blas Adventures

Originally Adam from New Zealand and Fabio from Italy & France are world travellers and adventurous spirit at heart.

They boths fell in love with San Blas and local Kuna culture the moment they arrived and are passionate about sharing this unique experience with travellers in a way that is both fun and meaningful.

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