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We start or finish our trip in Sapzurro, by La Miel & Capurgana. This allows you to experience on your travels the most authentic Caribbean villages in Colombia. This area is one of Colombia’s best kept secrets and is not to be missed!

These are some of the most beautiful, off the beaten track bays you will ever see. White sand beaches backed by untouched jungle, vibrant Caribbean villages in bays you can walk between. NO ROADS! Just horse and cart transport, waterfalls, hikes, a natural Jacuzzi, and some of Colombia’s best diving. There IS a danger though.. you may want to stay.


An idyllic Caribbean bay with tranquil turquoise waters and pristine beaches. Passing through you’ll find a quaint village with small streets and colourful houses. The perfect escape from the city; for a romantic getaway, or just to relax on secluded beaches and take in the natural surrounding. Or, if you’re feeling energetic there are treks through virgin jungle, a hidden waterfall, and some of the best snorkeling and diving in Colombia to keep you occupied! You can walk over the hill to La Miel Panama in 20 mins or Capurgana in around 1 hour.


The largest town in the area! Capurgana is an authentic Caribbean village and a great place to base yourself for the many adventures available in the area. Activities include a wide range of jungle treks, hikes between bays, to waterfalls and natural swimming pools; horse riding, relaxing on beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling and diving, as well as good surf at certain times of the year. You can visit “Casa de las molas” the most famous recycling house in Colombia. To top it off, in Capurgana you’ll find a great selection of economical restaurants, bars and accommodations. There’s also a tasty bakery, making it our most recommended of all the Colombian Highlights!


Voted as one of the best beaches in Colombia even though it’s in Panama! A secluded, picturesque bay about as far from any other reality as you can get. Untouched jungle onto white sand beach and turquoise water is all you’ll get in La Miel and all you’ll need to be totally relaxed and disconnected.


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