Covid-19 Updates: What to expect for your future San Blas Trip!

What to expect for your future San Blas Trip!

Last updated: 4th July 2021

Here at San Blas Adventures we recognise the ongoing uncertainty that Coronavirus is causing in regards to global travel! It is important for us to let you know that the team here in San Blas Adventures will do everything we can to keep you, our team and local communities safe. This page will be continually updated with information as and when we hear more.

The San Blas island borders are currently closed due to the Coronavirus and therefore our trips are suspended until further notice. However, lockdowns are starting to ease and tourism worldwide is slowly making a comeback, which is exciting for all of us!

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What to Know Before You Go

As borders are opening around the world to welcome travellers once again, the big concern is how we as a tour company will stick to the guidelines to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. We will be keeping a close eye on all regulations introduced by Panama, Colombia, and most importantly the local San Blas government – the Kuna Yala Congresso. 

We are confident our San Blas Adventures tour will be a success when the guidelines are introduced; and just of course, luckily social distancing won’t be an issue when on the island due to the natural remoteness and location of the beautiful San Blas archipelago!

Staying Informed & Keeping You Up to Date

The health, safety and wellbeing of all our customers, staff and suppliers is our top priority. Our trips are suspended at the moment however our admin team is available for any help, guidance and support about your future trip and travel plans. Click here for our Travel updates & Covid-19 FAQs page or contact us on

When we reopen we will be following both international and local guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests. We’re always monitoring what’s happening in the world and how it impacts our trips. We’ll communicate any information related to your trip with us by email so you’re always in the loop.

We highly encourage you to have travel insurance in place before you travel. We will be able to monitor the Panama and Colombia reopening steps however it is your responsibility to check that you are able to travel internationally with your home government.

Is your trip with us suspended?

Everyone who had a trip booked with us between March and September 2020 you should have received an email explaining your options and next steps. If you unfortunately did not receive the email Click here for all the information and of course feel free to email us if you have any further questions on

Responsible Tourism on the islands

Before, during and after Covid-19, us here at San Blas Adventures have always been passionate about responsible tourism within the Islands. San Blas is home to a unique indigenous community, the Kuna, which in fact our trips are mostly run by locals. We unfortunately understand the struggle the local Kuna people have faced due to the global pandemic. The Kuna rely heavily on tourism as one of their biggest sources of income and with borders closed until further notice, we want to help them wherever possible! 

There are roughly 70,000 Kuna, who are one of the largest remaining indigenous Latin American tribes

They live in communities spread out across the San Blas islands

The Kuna have simple lifestyles and maintain their unique traditions, living in huts made of palm fronds

Our trips are based around helping and supporting the Kuna people whilst learning about their lifestyles, and enjoying the beautiful islands they live on!

When trips reopen, changes may occur on the schedule, however what will not change is the benefits the Kuna gain from us. Most of the money that you pay goes towards the San Blas islands and is then distributed among the local people.

Rubbish on the islands

A main topic and project we were working on with the Kuna before borders were closed was waste management, and disposing of rubbish responsibly. After introducing recycling protocols and education it became a huge success, unfortunately since the pandemic started, there has been a significant increase in plastic waste globally, such as masks, gloves and gowns, and increased purchases of products including disposable wipes and liquid soap. During the trips we may have to use these products, depending on the guidelines we must abide by. If that is the case we will be extremely cautious on where the products and plastic will be disposed to ensure we are leaving nothing on the islands to impact the environment or people negatively.

We constantly monitor the best ways to provide incredible adventures and keep our groups safe and healthy. Based on this we revise our Travel Safety protocols on an on-going basis, reflecting any changes on this page.


Thank you for your continued patience, understanding and support during this time.