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Getting itchy feet for your next adventure? Ready for the wind in your hair and the sand in between your toes?

Great news!The San Blas Islands are starting to reopen for visitors!

The indigenous Kuna community, are ensuring the safety of both themselves and visitors on to the islands and for the time being they are minimising the number of guests to the san blas islands, with no one currently allowed to visit the communities, reducing the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19 on the islands. As cases decrease and more people are vaccinated, the communities are gradually reopening, which means we are getting ready to restart our unforgettable 4 day, 3 night island hopping adventures!

Here at San Blas Adventures, we understand the importance of flexibility and we want to support you in your future plans, this is why we have introduced our current booking option for you to sign up for a trip and not pay the deposit until we can confirm the tour is going ahead.

By signing up to a trip you are interested in you will:

  • Be the first to know when the trip officially opens
  • Get the first option to book
  • Get early bird discounts of up to 25% off

Want to sign up to your San Blas Adventure now and pay the deposit later? Say no more!…

Sign up for a trip right now, and start planning your next adventure today! We are offering you the option to select your future trip dates with us – any direction, any departure date – and pay your deposit at a later date.

How it works – it is so simple! 

  1. Sign up today via the BOOK NOW page – scroll down
  2. Select your desired trip date and direction**
  3. Fill out just a couple of personal details
  4. Then click PLACE ORDER

We want to be as supportive as possible during this unpredictable time in tourism. This offer is for a limited time only!

When we receive full confirmation from the Kuna that the whole archipelago is open and your trip is going ahead we will notify you with the great news! When you receive this update we will then ask for you to pay your deposit and fully confirm your booking.

The first 50 people who fully confirm and pay their deposit will be rewarded with an AWESOME 25% off their trip ticket So remember, when you receive the message from us, then act fast and enjoy the discount! 

** If you are unsure of your departure date or direction but want to take advantage of the no deposit deal, no problem, book any date and direction and give us a heads up after clicking PLACE ORDER. Rebooking can be done any time with the sign up, but once deposits are paid it will have

Limited offer – 25% Off!

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Please bear in mind that when we reopen there may be new rules and regulations introduced by the Kuna to keep both the locals and you all safe from the virus. Here at San Blas Adventures we will make sure you are all fully prepared and aware of any changes before the trip. But don’t worry, no matter what changes the locals may introduce, we can guarantee you will still have an AWESOME time with us on the islands!


Panamá (Carti) to Colombia (Capurgana)

Colombia (Sapzurro) to Panamá (Carti)

For 50 first bookings once trips open

That is right! We are offering 25% off our ticket prices, available for either trip direction – Panama to Colombia or Colombia to Panama! 

If you are one of the first 50 people to pay your deposit and secure your tripyou will receive 25% off the total cost of your trip price. 

Once we confirm that the trip you have booked is open you will receive an email to let you know that it is possible to secure your reservation by paying your deposit of $120. The discount will be deducted from your final balance. 


Private group trip Panamá to Colombia


Private group trip Colombia to Panamá