Rebook with Flexibility Guaranteed

Rebooking with flexibility guaranteed & 25% off!

For those rethinking their travel plans, wanting to rebook, or considering canceling altogether because of Covid-19 and the global situation, we are writing to you to announce our new offer:

We have adopted the global recommended trend of postponing trips, versus canceling trips. Please read through this page carefully; we ask for your understanding and consideration in this unprecedented situation.

Help us save, and continue to share, our unique experience with you and the travel world…

Firstly, we want to thank you for choosing us!

We want to offer our continued support and empathy to all travelers, travel agencies, communities, and people around the world. We know the majority of you chose us for guaranteed unforgettable moments and a once in a lifetime experience!

We thank you for trusting and believing in us. We are very proud of what we do and you are the ones that make it all possible!

Now the question we are all asking – Can I travel yet?

Unfortunately, for the time being, no. However, lockdowns are starting to ease and airports are planning to reopen in the near future. Tourism worldwide is making a comeback, which is exciting for all of us!

Our trip is a unique, once in a lifetime experience that no one should miss out on. Unfortunately after you booked, Covid-19 changed your travel plans. We are writing to reassure you and keep you updated with what’s going on behind the scenes here at San Blas. As soon as the borders reopen we will be working on safety measures with our local community and plan to start our tours again, better than ever!

San Blas Adventures has been operating for over 10 years, throughout the years we have developed an incredibly close relationship with the local indigenous community, the Kuna people. The Kuna rely heavily on tourism as one of their biggest sources of income and with borders closed until further notice, we want to help them wherever possible! 70% of our employees are from the Kuna community and we work with them throughout the trip, as you’ll find out when you visit. Therefore most of the money that you pay goes towards the San Blas islands and is then distributed among the local people.

We have no plans to change our trips: You will travel on local boats with a local Kuna guide through all areas of the San Blas Archipelago in which others do not have access to visit!

Of course San Blas Adventures will always provide you with more than just responsible tourism. No matter what, our trips will be fun and adventurous surrounded by unforgettable views of over 365 islands! After so many months of quarantine, you deserve a trip to paradise with us!

As mentioned, our focus is to help the locals and provide an option of responsible tourism in paradise, therefore we will be following the local indigenous community guidelines and best practices in regards to managing the pandemic during every tour.

Rebook with Flexibility Guaranteed

At San Blas Adventures, we understand the need for peace of mind when making your travel plans. That is why we have introduced a flexible opportunity for you. Our new flexible offers are available for everyone who had a booking with us before the islands closed back in March 2020.

Special rebooking policies: Your options in response to the crisis:

1. Rebook when you are ready! Leave your deposit with us and rebook in the future with an unexpirable deposit

2. Pass your ticket on: Amend for an Amigo! – further details below

3. If you are not able to rebook or pass your ticket on, you can request a refund and we will refund when the islands and our San Blas Adventures tours reopen

Get 25% off your ticket price

When you rebook with us we want to reward you with an AWESOME 25% off your ticket price!! 

We want to be flexible and give you time to plan your future travel plans, therefore we are providing an unexpirable rebooking option

If you decide you do not want to rebook you can request a refund for your deposit, we will then contact you when the islands reopen for tourism and San Blas Adventure tours reconvene as normal. We will then be able to discuss the refund process further.  If you are still undecided on dates we will of course be flexible and can discuss further options with you at anytime!

Amend for an Amigo! Pass your ticket on

If for whatever reason you’re really sure you can’t take advantage of this opportunity, we’re offering the chance to hand it on to a friend. Your friend can reimburse you for your deposit, and they can enjoy your special discount offer. With this in mind we are offering you the option to pass your discounted ticket to a friend – “Amend for an Amigo”!

By rebooking your San Blas Adventures Tour

You are taking a big step in helping the whole tourism industry. There is no doubt that travel companies are under massive strain, with many fighting to survive. By postponing your trip you are giving a chance to many companies to continue to work, to save and maintain what they’ve been creating for you for many years. 

We need your help to fill the gap

By rebooking or leaving your deposit, you are giving us the chance to continue to share with you and other travellers the magic of the San Blas Islands and their culture.

Sadly, if the sustainable tourism industry disappears and people like us, small companies, would not be able to run again. The only ones that can survive without you are big tourism companies which may not offer you what you’d like in your travels… Let’s try together to rebuild a more conscious and responsible way to travel whilst enjoying many memorable moments around the world!

On behalf of the Kuna community and ourselves, San Blas Adventures, we thank you again for your support, patience and understanding throughout this time.

For terms & conditions and further details about these offers Click here

If you have any queries or would like further information please feel free to contact us via our email address: [email protected]

Kind Regards

San Blas Adventures Team